Guides For Flaming Gorge

Terry Collier has been guiding in the Flaming Gorge area for 31 years, and before that he was a white water guide in the Grand Canyon and the lower Green through  his late teenage years until switching to a fly-fishing Outfit he named Old Moe on the Green River. Now he has added Flaming Gorge Fishing Co. to his repertoire and for the last 10 years  has been guiding for Lake trout on the fabulous Flaming Gorge Reservoir. The other two guides working under this permit, Jim Cohen, and Mike Sargent have equally impressive guiding credentials backed by a lifetime of fishing.

Mackinaw Fishing

Imagine yourself floating in a Jet boat or Flats boats, drifting among towering cliffs over thousand feet high, and on water that could be over 300 feet deep. The canyon walls in most areas are straight cliffs above the water level. The guide has you perched over a shelf somewhere between 60 feet and 120 feet. You've dropped a weighted Jig to the bottom and working it up and letting it fall back, when the line goes slack at first you are startled by the slack line, then instantly a response makes you set the hook. initially It  feels as though the hook has set into  a car body which has abruptly been put in gear as your line rips off the reel.
This is one of the large Lake Trout  (Mackinaw) and you better get set for a heavy battle, akin to a weight training session.

Other Species

Rainbows have been an extremely exciting quarry over the last several years. One can fish to them in many different  methods. from bait to flies.
One of the worst problems new fishermen have while pursuing any of the lakes species is to guess what depth the fish are at at any given time during the seasons. There will be times you can get them right at the surface and other times in the heat of the day where they concentrate at depths which can prove difficult to reach except with special gear.
Many species will cross over thereby creating a possibility  to take several species with the same fishing methods.
The guides by now have obtained this particular knowledge from their time spent on the water, facilitating more time spent catching and less searching.