Flaming Gorge Guided Fishing Trips!

Flaming Gorge Reservoir is a beguiling 91 mile long gem, sprawling across the border of Utah and Wyoming. Over the years many records have been established for size of fish on this wonderful piece of water. Mackinaw Trout (Lake Trout) over 50 pounds. At one time the world record brown came from flaming Gorge. Rainbows over 25 pounds are here, plus a good supply of Kokanee Salmon, and Small Mouth Bass along the very rocky shoreline. In addition to this grand game fishery there exists superlative flats fishing for gigantic carp on fly rods.

 In the Canyon near Dam


Species of fish we at Flaming Gorge Outfitters concentrate on are first the large Lake Trout, also known as Mackinaw Trout. They attain a very large size in the cool deep waters of the lake and are in good numbers. We can fish for them in several ways. Our personal favorite and most effective is the use of jigs near the bottom. Trolling with downriggers is also a proven method on the lake. Another possibility, the fly fisherman at the right time of season can get a chance at the 20 pound fish and larger by using large streamers.
Rainbow Trout are great fly-fishing or spin fishing adversaries and at times create more excitement than going after the giant Lakers. We have Cicadas, Wasps, and other terrestrial insects that can be on the water fairly heavily and they can attract some exciting Rises from both beautiful rainbow trout and smallmouth Bass. All of these fish have their special seasons, therefore it is best to plan the trip toward the species, or pursue the species the guide deems best for success.